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Unpaid Wages

Is your employer cutting corners when payday comes around?  We’ll help you get what you’ve earned.

State and Federal law provide protections to most employees in the form of minimum wage, overtime, and other wage and hour related regulations. These protections apply to all non-exempt employees, but what makes an employee exempt is often misunderstood by employers and employees, alike. Even if you have been told you are an exempt employee, or even an independent contractor, you may still be entitled to recover unpaid wages and penalties for violations of state and Federal wage and hour laws.

Every situation is unique, and the best way to make sure you are being paid all of the wages you are owed is to speak with an employment attorney. During your confidential case evaluation we will analyze your situation in detail, review your timecard, payroll, and other employment records, answer any questions you may have, and provide a roadmap to recovery on the claims we are able to identify for you. If we determine that you are not likely owed any unpaid wages, we will still provide you with helpful advice that you can use in your current and future employment.

Contact Us for a Confidential Case Evaluation

If you believe you may be owed unpaid wages, we recommend that you Contact Us immediately to schedule a confidential case evaluation with one of our attorneys, so that we can provide you with guidance tailored to your particular situation.