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Contracts & Severance Negotiations

Leverage our employment expertise and negotiating insight to help obtain your optimal result.

Negotiations are always high-stakes when they involve your career and livelihood. Even if you are an expert at getting the best deal, it helps to have a team of dedicated professionals with your interests in mind backing you up when it comes time to step up to the negotiating table. We are ready and able to assist you in negotiating the best outcomes in any and all employment situations: from getting the most favorable terms in initial contracts to maximizing your severance when it comes time to move on, and everything in between.

Contract and severance negotiations require a light touch, and we understand the critical importance of balancing your professional reputation and work relationships with your financial interest in maximizing your compensation. To that end, we work very closely with our contract and severance negotiation clients to provide flexible, dynamic, custom-tailored guidance throughout the negotiation process. Where it is helpful, we are always prepared to ratchet up the intensity of the negotiation, and engage directly with the employer on your behalf.

Even if you are satisfied with the terms you have negotiated on your own, we are happy to evaluate your contract or severance paperwork and advise you on the nuances and potential pitfalls that are often tucked into these kinds of legal documents.Contact Us for a Confidential Case Evaluation

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